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Is Keizer Ready to Grow?

As a thriving community of families and businesses, the next step for Keizer is growth. We have a common goal of seeing this city develop and flourish. Kyle will work to help bring that to life in our city by connecting small businesses with the community at large. It starts when we notice those around us and work to uplift each other. What are you waiting for?

Kyle is running for Keizer City Council, Position #3.

Kyle Juran smiling with a blue button up shirt on and a black background


Kyle, husband and father of four, has continued to pour into his family as he works alongside his daughter, Claire, to steward Remodeling by Classic Homes, the multi-generational business he owns and operates. Putting family first is an important value to Kyle in every venture.


Small businesses are necessary to maintain the Keizer feel and economy. As we move toward the goal of growth and connection, we can start by helping everyday citizens understand the value and heart of local businesses and all they bring to the community.


Preserving the small town feel is vital to Keizer. Kyle would like to see this accomplished through outward growth and establishing small retail centers for business and recreation within neighborhoods that promote foot traffic and lessen road traffic congestion.

“Kyle has been a great volunteer in this community and he has a passion for Keizer. I think that he would be a great champion on city council and continue some of the work that I’ve done with others.”
Marlene Parsons

The Story

Kyle was raised in the Salem/Keizer area, a father of four McNary graduates, is a Keizer small business owner, and volunteers a lot of his extra time within the community. He is committed to improving relationships between small businesses and our community.

Community Involvement:

  • Keizer Chamber Board Member
  • Marion/Polk County HBA Board Member
  • Previously on Keizer Planning Commission Board

Kyle grew up in the Salem/Keizer area after being adopted by his wonderful parents Gary and Sue Juran at the age of two weeks old. He went to Salem Private school through 5th grade and then to Gubser Elementary for 6th grade, he then went to a private middle school, then on to McNary for two years, and finished high school at McKay High School in 1987. He met the love of his life, Becki Box, in an English class at Chemeketa Community College. The two married in 1990, had their first-born son in 1991 and now have a total of four children; this August they will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. As Kyle’s children grew up playing sports, he was always coaching or volunteering at the Keizer Little League fields and spending extra hours taking his children and teammates to and from games and tournaments. He has a passion for volunteering and helping out; he loves to be busy and on the go all the time.

Kyle has been the hard-working Keizer business owner of Remodeling by Classic Homes since 2003. He takes pride in doing the right thing even when it’s not the most profitable; that is how he was raised. He has integrated Remodeling by Classic Homes into the community as often as he can, whether that be building a playhouse for the KeizerFest and raffling it off to donate the proceeds to a local charity, volunteer his time to set up the KeizerFest, help put up lights on the tree at Walery Plaza, or help move the chamber from Keizer station to River road. Kyle has a knack for lending a helping hand when he can and let’s face it, a problem with not saying no; he wants to help make the community of Keizer a better place for everyone to live.

With heavy passion, Kyle wants to bring the small businesses and our community together. By strengthening the local, small businesses around us, we are strengthening the people and community that we live in. In Keizer, so many small business owners donate their time, money, and support to so many causes that are needed around our community, yet there is so much still to be done here. Our business community along with other numerous volunteers make Keizer a great place to live and work. Coming together in unity makes this community awesome. Our business community works well with city leaders, Churches, teachers and citizens to give back to kids and families during times of need. With a little more effort from all that have not been involved yet, we can hopefully start to work to slow and eliminate needs by giving people a hand up and not just a handout.

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